Betting Strategies: Money Line vs. Spread

Best betting strategies to employ for Money Line and point Spread betting 
It’s another day, and you have not had a nice payoff. You are facing a Catch-22; with all the exhaustive research and the in-depth information you gathered you were sure you would sanctimoniously smile all the way to the bank. But alas! It’s a misadventure to your already shrinking budget. Did you bet on the wrong team? Or did you settle for the wrong betting strategy? There are many betting strategies, but this article will chiefly focus on the money line and the point spread strategy. We will highlight the dissimilarities between the two and the best strategies to ensure you break even.

When you settle for the money-line option, it means you pick a team to win the game straight up. This wagering option depends ultimately on your judgment it’s either you pick the favorite or the underdogs to win the game. If the favorite team win the game out-and-out, then you win your bet. Alternatively, if the team loses, you lose your bet. This wagering option involves evaluation of all situations before you make a decision.

Benefits of Money-line
• Fewer variables-money-line betting is straight forward. A bettor just has to pick the winner. This type of betting depends on the scoreboard so there are less complexities and  beating around the bush. Besides that, it’s an easy betting strategy for amateur bettors to comprehend.
• High returns especially when underdogs are involved-though the returns are not as high as those in point spread there are higher chances of getting nice payoffs. The good thing is you can profit even if you lose more bets than you win.
• Reasonable parlays-unlike point spread parlays where odds do not compliment the actual mathematical risk of making a bet. Money-lines parlays are much even-handed. Conceptually, they are easier to break even over the long term.

Strategy for betting money-line
1. Evaluate all types of betting-one challenge about money-line, is that you have to put own more than you can win to ensure you have reasonable profits. For this reason, ensure you consider all other betting options before you settle for the money-line option.
2. Look for underrated favourites-this is an essential strategy if you want to reap big when using money-line.
3. Settle for money line if you are not sure spreads can be covered-if you are sure a team will win, but you are not convinced they will cover the spread then use money-line wagering option.
4. Do not underrate the underdogs-evaluate all the factors; settle for the money-line if there are no doubts the favourite team will win.
5. Consider all situational factors-ensure you look beyond the quality of the team. Consider their balance, their consistency, their schedule and their performance under pressure.

Point spread betting
This kind of betting predicts various outcomes rather than the simple win or lose is simple and less risky. A bettor who employs this betting hopes to get equal action from both teams.
Benefits of point spread betting
• Easy to comprehend –money-line wagering option is simple, but point spread betting is easier to embrace and understand.
• Less risky-the costs are mostly constant thus better pay offs when you win and less loss when a bet does not favour you.

Strategies for Point spread betting
1. Settle for Point spread betting if winning is not straight forward-if you are not sure which team will win it’s safer to choose spread betting. Consequentially, your chances will increase and can be lucrative if the bet favors you.
2. Evaluate all the spreads- spreads show how the game is likely to play out. If the spreads are too risky, it’s wise to consider the money-line wager option.
3. Dodge games with high spreads –if the spreads are too high then avoid them. Bettors are advised to ignore such games because they are unpredictable and risky.
4. Pick the best available odds-if point spread betting is your favorite type of betting, then its time you embraced other forms of betting to ensure profitability.

A right mind-set is vital if you want a successful betting career. While timing is everything, bettors should only place down what they are comfortable with. For those are sure which method they should settle with visit our site and get advice. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience on betting. Visit our site today and to get invaluable information that will make you a winner.

Moneylines & Math

Moneylines are a popular way to bet both baseball and hockey.  But, have you thought much about the mathematics involved?  You should since they have a large impact on your decision to bet or not.

How about we compare a simple multiple choice question.  Which is better?

a) $200 to win $100 on a favorite with a 66.67% chance of winning
b) $100 to win $100 on a team with a 50/50 chance of winning
c) $100 to win $300 on a team with a 25% chance of winning

It’s a trick.  They all are the same quality of bet with an expected return of $0.

Let’s take a look.  By going with choice ‘a’ 2/3 of the time you win $100, but you lose $100 1/3 of the time.

Expected return is computed here: (.667 * 100) – (.33 * 200) = 66.7 – 66.7 = 0

Now let’s look at ‘b’.  Half of the time you win $100 and half of the time you lose $100.

Expected return = (.50 * 100) – (.50 * 100) = 50 – 50 = 0

Finally there is ‘c’.  25% of the time you win $300 but you lose $100 75% of the time.

Expected return = (.25 * 300) – (.75 * 100) = 75 – 75 = 0

It’s easy to see what I’m getting on.  You need to know what your break even point for winning is for each given moneyline.  Luckily, there is an easy formula for figuring that out.

Required Win % = Amount Risked / (Amount Risked + Amount of Win)

Let’s look at an example.  Let’s say a team is -150.  That means you risk $150 to win $100.  So you take 150/(150+100) = 60%.

I know I know.  You thought you were done with algebra once you graduated from high school.  But it’s really not that hard and it can save you some coin in the long run.

When you are handicapping a game you need to come up with a number.  That’s the percentage chance you think a team has of winning the game.  You then compare that to the amount needed to profit on the money line.  If you think a -200 favorite will win 80% of the time, there is a significant opportunity for you to profit from your wager.  If you think they win 65% of the time, then you need to pass and move on to the next event.

Are underdogs better or worse than favorites?  I’ve found there is no difference.  Most public bettors fall in love with “can’t lose” teams.  However, even the best baseball teams lose 60+ times per year. The worse teams can expect to win almost 40% of the time!

Personally I prefer underdogs and small favorites because it reduced the chance of a big loss.  If you lose a couple of -300 favorites in a row you are going to take a big hit to the bankroll.  On the other hand if you win a couple in the row taking +200 dogs you are going to be sitting nice.

That doesn’t mean shy away from the big numbers.  Last year there were 80 favorites of -300 or higher.  70 of them won and only 10 of them lost!  Place a $100 bet on each one would have won you $3,000!  That’s a pretty hefty profit and a check I would be happy to receive from the book.

Remember, it’s important to compare the price you can get to how much you will get back.  That break even point matters more than if you are laying 200 on a baseball game.  There could be profit in those games.